Andrea Bertucci

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I learned long ago that the best way to my Italian husband’s heart is through his stomach.

I was gifted this Tiramisu recipe from a trusted neighbour for my engagement. It calls me to craft this italian dessert with love and intention at every step. The recipe card bears the marks from 15 years of love and dedication.

Yes, there are easier, faster recipes out there. But, as with love and life, it’s best to skip the shortcuts.


-       5 egg yolks

-       10 Tablespoons of sugar

-       1 Tub of Marscarpone Cheese

-       1 cup of Whipping Cream (35%)

-       2 packages of Savoiardi cookies (Similar to ladyfinger cookies)

-       1 Teaspoon of Vanilla extract

-       3 Cups of brewed cold espresso coffee (make in advance)

-      ...

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