Andrea Bertucci

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Whether or not you’re in a committed relationship, it is so very important to be in charge of their building their personal wealth. Owning a home is the single most important investment you can make. It’s the cornerstone of a stable financial future.

Historically, Toronto housing prices have roughly doubled every 7 years. It's always a good time to get in the market and interest rates are still low enough to help compensate for inflated markets.  Despite this, it’s clear Toronto’s housing market is out of reach for many individual buyers. The cycle of paying rent can be a noxious one, especially when rent equals a mortgage payment. Imagine re-directing your monthly rent toward your own mortgage.

Get creative

You’re a resourceful gal, what you need are creative ways to get into the real estate market that doesn’t have to include a romantic partner. Think business partner instead. Your personal wealth could grow exponentially if you combine your resources...

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